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Mare Nostrum

A community dedicated to our steamy nations along the Mediterranean Coast.

Hetalia Mediterranean
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Welcome to Hetalia Mediterraneo!
A community dedicated to our steamy nations along the Mediterranean Coast.
Inclusive of but not limited to: Greece, Spain, the Italies, Turkey and Egypt
OC Mediterranean nations are welcome!

1. Any fanworks may include other nations (e.g. France, France is always fun to have) but must be focused on any of the Mediterraneans (e.g. France/Greece is fine).
2. Fanworks should be under an LJ-cut. Here's how.
3. Fanart or fancomics must have a preview size of not more than 300x300 pixels.
4. Icon posts should have a preview of no more than three icons.
5. Fanworks with ratings of NC 17 and higher must be community-locked.
6. Fanworks are highly encouraged to follow this submission format:

Warnings: (if any)

7. Discussions, fanwork requests and recommendations are allowed. No spam please. :) We are all mature internet users here.
8. Introductions shall be made HERE
9. Have fun enjoying our smexy Mediterranean hunks! ♥

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